A World For Travel #Evora2020

The New World Tourism Forum: Transforming to Recover Sustainability


Mrs. Rita Marques Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal and M. Christian Delom General Secretary of A World For Travel, announced the launch this year of the new forum A World For Travel, the 1rst International event which works to the recovery and the development of the travel and tourism activities acting for their own transformation.

This official launch took place last May 28 in the presence of M. Luis Araujo, President of Turismo de Portugal – Visit Portugal, M. Ceia da Silva, President of the Touristic Region of Alentejo and M. Vitor Silva, President of the Tourism Agency for Tourism Promotion of Alentejo.


A World For Travel will take place in Evora next November 5th and 6th at Esperito Santo College, an historic, inspiring and symbolic university.


The origin of the event comes from a meeting in London last year between M. Frédéric Vanhoutte, President of Eventiz Media Group, leading events specialist in the tourism industry and the Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal.


Before the Covid-19 episode, the urgency was already to consider that « Travel Bashing » was endangering the very idea of travel while at the same time local activities by their proper excesses endangered human activities, nature and the planet. Now, there is no longer a choice: the transformation of tourism is a prerequisite for its recovery.


The Covid-19 is emphasizing and revealing all the weak and strong signals the travel industry had and has to face such as:

  • Climate change and access to resources,
  • Co-existence amongst tourists and local inhabitants and priority given to local production,
  • Priority given to safety and security in an increasingly fragmented world.




Mrs. Rita Marques, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, says: « Creating partnerships both within and outside the travel industry would be key for the future of the sector. I believe the Evora Forum will be a huge success. I believe it will be a real think tank opportunity to invite all the global tourism leaders to discuss tomorrow’s tourism.”


Mrs. Rita Marques is also confident that Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the EU Internal Market, will accept an invitation to hold a summit of European tourism ministers at the Evora Forum: “We believe the commission should have a co-ordinated approach for the tourism sector. »


To emphasize the importance of the forum for Portugal, Rita Marques points out: “We try to involve everyone. We have very clear priorities on enhancing knowledge and this forum will also contribute to this priority. (…) This tourism strategy values all territories, boosts the economy, enhances knowledge and generates connectivity among several geographies and for that reason Portugal, and especially Evora, is an excellent place to welcome this Forum.”


Luís Araújo, President of Visit Portugal, adds: “It is a challenge, especially because of what we are facing during these recent months. It is an honour because Portugal is an example of sustainability in tourism. It is important for us, having a place to discuss whether tourism is a victim or a villain because this is the only way we move forward.”


A World For Travel General Secretary, Christian Delom resumed: “For too long we have summarized and explained tourism activity in economic figures. The bigger it is, the more beautiful it is. The more well-known it is, the more people visit it. This paradigm is shattered when the Covid-19 reminds us that human activity is more fragile when it is concentrated.” He adds: “The changes will be demanding and thanks to this transformation, tourism will come out stronger. Don’t let the general bashing and Greta dictate the future of the travel industry. It comes first to the professionals, to the territories and to the population.”



Evora forum aims to bring together all stakeholders in tourism.


  • Institutional, international organizations, regions, countries, metropolises, tourist destinations,
  • Companies in the travel sector but also those providing infrastructure, supply, transport, services, technology, energy, recycling,
  • It is high time to also associate associations, NGOs and residents to the reflection, of course, but also with co-production, governance, understanding and control of tourism and travel activities that concern them,
  • Finally, experts, researchers, academics to bring understanding and objectification to everyone’s contributions,
  • Without forgetting the journalists and influencers who will ensure the communication.


AWFT- Evora Forum deliveries & method:


  • Take initiatives,
  • Reshape tourism offer to meet climate, health, digital & social requirements,
  • Develop a positive image brought by tourism,
  • Fix the ongoing milestones to make it happen. Involve all stakeholders with mixed interests. Create a common platform to share best practices and perspectives.


The agenda is ambitious.


  • Take into account all threats, claims and criticisms that challenge tourism: nothing hidden or minimized, but objective. Identify the pain points and analyze the worst behaviors and their consequences. The topics are around the transformation needs: transformation of the World, Post Covid-19 constraints, travel bashing to be faced, local issues, climate revolution…


  • Highlight the benefits of tourism and travel for humanity and create a « global picture » of every benefit it brings to the economy, cultures, know-how and the development of skills, science, innovation, peace, inclusive emancipation, fraternity, education, elements that humanity must preserve and develop. The topics are around the positive levers brought by tourism: new trends, sustainability, peace, culture, safety, invests…


  • Develop tourism in a virtuous way, contributing to the creation of a responsible, safer and sustainable planet for nature, heritage and humanity and adopt 5 commitments “The Evora Spirit” to be implemented by the audience in the 12 following months and to advocate in international forums and summits.


On top of plenary sessions, 20 commissions will be organized with experts, tourism industry players, institutions, associations and residents.


Press infos and press kit: http://www.tikamedia.com/category/aworldfortravel/

More infos: https://www.aworldfortravel.org/


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